Procurement & Inputs

Seed Distribution

  • During Kharif 2016 and Rabi 2016-17 APOILFED has distributed 2,84281 qtls of G.N. Seed Pod & Bengal Gram seed to the farmers under Govt. seed subsidy program.
  • APOILFED also supplied Certified seeds of cereals and oilseeds to other State Seeds Corporations like Rajasthan State Seeds Corporation (RSSC) & Haryana State Seeds Development Corporation (HSDC).
  • The Federation has initiated Seed Multiplication Program for groundnut and Bengal Gram by procuring breeder seed from various Agricultural Universities.
  • During the Rabi 2015-16 & Kharif 2016-17 a quantity of 378 quintals of K-6, Narayani & Dharani breeder seed was taken for multiplication to Foundation seed.

Buffer Stocking Of Seed, 2017-18

  • APOILFED is allotted with the following Crops Seed quantities for procurement and distribution during Kharif and Rabi 2017-18 seasons. 
    • Kharif 2017: Groundnut – 1798.4 qtl.
    • Rabi 2017-18: Groundnut – 40000 qtl.
    • Rabi 2017-18: Bengal Gram – 100000 qtl.
  • In accordance with the Department of Agriculture’s Seed Supply Plan and for implementing of Buffer Seed Stocking Operations immediately after harvesting of the said crops to take advantage of peak arrivals and low market rates, APOILFED will organize the procurement of Groundnut Seed for Kharif 2017 and Bengal Gram Seed for Rabi 2017-18 under Buffer Seed Stocking Operations. Given below is the Procurement Plan of action for the said seed, Crop wise.

Groundnut Seed

The following quantity of GN seed pod was procured by APOILFED under Buffer seed stocking operation, 2017-18 as on 30/05/2017, during Rabi 2016-17 procurement season for the distribution during kharif 2017 season. 

1. K-6 variety C/S GN seed ped 165971.10 qtl.
2. Narayani T/L seed ped 6090.30 qtl.
3. Narayani SVP - F/S II 180.00 qtl.
 Total  172241.42 qtl.

 The Weekly Procurement Schedule for the above expected GN Seed Production is as follows, which is envisaged keeping in view the time required for the supervision of activity. Further, to maintain the below schedule, M/s APSSCA is arranging advance tagging of lots in case of Rayalaseema Districts where the GN Crop harvesting is expected in the 2nd week of March, 2017.


S. No. DISTRICT Bengal Gram Seed Production Area Organized (acres) Expected Production (qtl)
1. Mahaboobnagar 2480 15000 qtl.
2. Kurnool 8200 49000 qtl.
3. Anantapuramu 4320 25900 qtl.
4. YSR Kadapa 10300 61800 qtl.
 TOTAL 25300 151700 qtl.

The Weekly Procurement Schedule for the above expected Bengal Gram Seed Production is as follows, which is envisaged keeping in view the time required for the supervision of activity.

S. No. MONTH Period Quantity Planned for Procurement (qtl)
1. Aug, 2017 2nd Week 15,000
2.   3rd week 30,000
3.   4th week 25,000
4.  Sep, 2017 1st week 30,000
  Total   1,00,000


Groundnut & Bengal Gram Variety Wise Certified Seed Distribution during the Year 2012-13 to 2016-17
SEASON Crop / Variety YEAR WISE QUANTITY in Quintals
2012-13 2013-14 2014-15 2015-16 2016-17
Kharif Groundnut K-6 195179.10 181499.10 65881.30 140391.60 139026.0
Groundnut Narayani 8658.60 3411.90 921.00 2322.00 9603.3
Rabi Groundnut K-6 13514.10 20166.40 14851.50 31390.80 5463.1
Groundnut Narayani 0.00 585.00 0.00 0.00 0.00
Bengal Gram JG - 11 0.00 0.00 14300.00 104762.75 130134.15


During the year 2016-17, APOILFED, the State Level Nodal Agency implemented Minimum Support Price for Copra and Groundnut Pod. The datails are given here under.

MSP for COPRA, 2016: 

As per the approvals given by State and Central Governments, APOILFED implemented MSP FOR COPRA from July 2016 to November 2016. The Market Rates were prevailling at around Rs.4440.00 to 4500.00 per quintal as against MSP Price of Rs. 5950.00 per quintal when the activity was grounded. APOILFED operated 5 Nos. MSP procurment centres in East Godavari District. The total quantity of Copra procured is 33185 qtl. valued at Rs. 19.74 crores and 2025 farmers benefitted from this activity. 

MSP for Groundnut POD, Kharif 2016-17: 

  • APOILFED prepared for implementing MSP for groundnut @ Rs 4220.00 per quintal by obtaining necessary approvals from tha State and Central Governments w.e.f 1st week of January, 2017. it was expected that the prices for groundnut may fall below MSP Price.
  • 13 Nos. MSP Procurement Centres were opened in Anantapuram (7), Kurnool (4), Chittoor (1) and YSR Kadapa (1). Wide publicity was given about the commencement of the activity.
  • The Market Prices for Groundnut ruled around Rs.4300.00 to Rs.5100.00 for FAQ Produce and above FAQ quality produce. There were no market arrivala at the 11 out of the 13 nos. MSP Centres opened at the AMCs. In case of Adoni and Yemmiganur AMCs of Kurnool District, 100 - 200 qtl. of GN Produce was received at the AMC daily and the same was sold by the farmers at Rs. 4300.00 to Rs. 5000.00 per quintal in the open Market.
  • The Government of India had relaxed FAQ parameters from 70 to 65 shelling % and shirvelled 4% to 6% for Groundnut pod keeping in view the drought condition that prevailed at the time of corp cultivation under rainfed conditions. How ever no stocks were procured / received under MSP.






News & Announcements

    • VC & MD inspected the GN Seed Buffer Stocks Godowns in Kurnool, Ananthapur, Kadapa and GN Seed Distribution Centers, Kharif 2017' in Chittor Districts.
    • AP Oilfed had undertaken production of certified and foundation seeds from breeder seeds with the launch of ISOPOM last kharif season.
    • The Andhra Pradesh Co-operative Oilseeds Growers' Federation Limited (AP Oilfed), the Andhra Pradesh State Seeds Development Corporation (APSSDC) and the Andhra Pradesh State Marketing Federation (APMARKFED) were the nodal agencies for the distribution.